Holistic Health Counselors and Coaches and What They Do

The concept of holistic medicine – that is, treating a patient as a whole entity, not only as a series of symptoms—can be traced back to the ancient healing practices ...

Personal Holistic Health and Business Coaching Programs

Holistic Health Coaching and Consultations: I offer hourly over-the-phone or in-person counseling consultations/sessions. During our consulting session I will listen to your concerns, and I will offer suggestions and recommendations ...

Are You Ready to Feel and Look Fabulous Naturally?

    Do You … Struggle with increased appetite or mood changes? Are you under relationship stress? Slightly overweight? Feel sadness and anxiety? Easily catch colds? Sick and tired of being ...

Our Companion Blogs and Radio Show for Women

Holistic Health Blog for Women

I welcome you to also visit NaturalCounselor Blog.  Ladies, if you are ...

Women’s Health Talk Radio and Podcasts

If you are ready to start taking care of yourselves, our Women’s ...

About Holistic Health Coach – Irina Wardas

I have a strong family tradition of holistic and alternative health, which ...

Holistic Health and Wellness Programs, Articles, Resources

Holistic Health Articles

Enjoy reading our Holistic Health Articles below: Homemade Beauty Remedies and Tips to Feel and Look Fabulous Easy Natural Detox to Rid Your Body of Toxins Natural Tips for a Super Simple Detox Day Stressed Out By Food? Natural Tips To Reduce Your Stress Overload Fantastic Super Food Stress Remedies to Reduce Stress Naturally Six […]

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Super Simple Detox and DeStress E-Books

Detox 101 – Super Simple Detox “Detox Your Body with the Seasons” Super Simple Detox101 will teach you how achieve easy detox naturally, and why you should cleanse your body and detoxify it holistically with the seasons using 68 Amazing Holistic Detox Super Foods and easy detox recipes. (more…)

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Facial Mask and Face Mask Recipes

If you liked our healthy menu recipes, you might want to try our homemade face mask and facial mask recipes below. Pumpkin Mask Facial Recipe Ingredients: 3 tbsp. mashed fresh papaya 1 tsp honey 2 tbsp. caned pumpkin puree Directions: Mash some papaya.  Add pumpkin puree and an egg. Mix thoroughly and apply to your […]

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