Super Simple Detox and DeStress E-Books

Super Simple Detox 101 ebook

Detox 101 – Super Simple Detox

“Detox Your Body with the Seasons”

Super Simple Detox101 will teach you how achieve easy detox naturally, and why you should cleanse your body and detoxify it holistically with the seasons using 68 Amazing Holistic Detox Super Foods and easy detox recipes.

Super Simple Detox 101 will enable you to achieve natural weight loss detox with the seasons all year long without having to fast or use detox drinks, herbal cleanse detox or detox powders, detox supplements, or other detox cleansing products.

Super Simple Holistic Detox ebook is a 100% original and exclusive eBook … with a web based format that allows fast easy access to informative teachings, fun exercises, and quizzes.

Super Simple Detox ebook can also be used to lose excess weight and can complement and be part of any “cleanse smart” whole body cleanse detox weight loss solution.

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Holistic Destress 101 ebook

Stressed out by … food?

DeStress 101- Survival Kit™ for Busy Women.

An e-Book for busy Women who have stress illness and stress fatigue, want to experience weight loss detox, less stress, and a boosted immune system.

Did you know that stress and nutrition go hand in hand. Did you know the wrong food choices can cause stress illness exhibited as stress fatigue, problems sleeping, reduction in sleep quality …..?

What you eat can promote or relieve stress illness in your body and, thus, help or hinder how stress coping with your body is.

When overstressed, you may experience headache fatigue, dizziness fatigue, nausea fatigue, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, pounding heart, chest pain, sadness and depression, tension in the back of neck or head, stomach problems, irritability, moodiness, bad temper, overeating, frequent colds and other maladies. Sound familiar?

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