Testimonials and Recommendations

“I had the amazing pleasure of working with Irina for several months, before I left America to live full-time in Israel. Irina was a huge encouragement and brought a wealth of knowledge to our sessions. She even gave me back massages to lessen my tension and help to relax me. We cooked together, talked about my life and struggles with my weight and eating habits, and talked about ways to change my bad habits. I have now been living in Jerusalem for about 4 months, working for a music ministry, and have lost 40 lbs! A lot of that is due to Irina’s encouragement and teaching. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal holistic health coach!. My blog is www.cegrosch.blogspot.com if you want to reference it.””

Carrie, 32, Manhattan and Israel


After divorce I felt miserable and depressed having sugar cravings as well as weight problems. Irina’s coaching helped me to get through my relationship issues and find the right food choices to become the new me. It was a pleasure to work with Irina and I still call her from time to time to talk about primary and secondary foods in my life.

Lisa, 44, Carlsbad CA


I met Irina in 2005 when I had digestive problems, as I thought. I also was under a lot of stress and had difficulties with PMS. After talking to Irina for the first time I realized that a lot of my problems were caused by food choices I had made. It took me more than 6 months to become a healthier person but I am very happy that I met Irina and went through her holistic health coaching and program Balancing Act.

Angela, 41, Zurich, Switzerland


I met Irina about 6 years ago, and from the moment I met her and till today, she is helping me to go through my life difficulties such as problems with health and relationships issues. I can hardly find an appropriate word to say “THANK YOU” to her as being an exceptional person with such an upbeat and energetic personality she is just changing people’s lives for the better giving away her energy, readily sharing her knowledge and experience. I would recommend her as a personal holistic coach or counselor to everyone and especially to the people I care for and sure enough you will get not only a person who will help you to understand life better and also a friend who will care about you. THANK YOU, Irina, SO MUCH, I will be back soon. You are the best !

Elena, 33, San Diego


Breathe, Smile and be Happy !

Irina Wardas HHC, Holistic Nutrition Coach and Counselor