Are You Ready to Feel and Look Fabulous Naturally?


  Do You …

Struggle with increased appetite or mood changes?

Are you under relationship stress?

Slightly overweight?

Feel sadness and anxiety? Easily catch colds?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Experience back of neck or head tension?

Exercise infrequently? Suffer from insomnia?

Are you a woman who would  like to find and practice alternative, holistic and healthy choices to create a more balanced state of physical, mental and emotional well being to improve your health; and to learn how to feel less stressed, tired, and irritated; how to find more time to spend with your family; and to feel better about yourself when you are alone?

Would you like your relationships to be healthier and happier? Would you like to learnmore about communication, as well as nutrition and wellness; about love, intimacy, and positive and negative relationships; how to deal with relationship breakdowns and dating issues; and how to manage a healthy mix of business and personal life?

Then let me help you change that !

As a holistic health counselor and nutrition coach, I help women with natural fast weight loss, detox, reduction of stress, nutrition, nausea and fatigue treatment, relationship advice, sleep remedies, sleep needs and other common women’s issues.

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Holistic Health Counselor and Coach Irina Wardas

Irina Wardas HHC, Holistic Health Counselor and Coach and Radio Show Host