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Holistic Recipes

  Bon Appetit Feel free to try these healthy natural homemade holistic recipes on this and our other pages. They can be used for your stress and nutrition needs, a weight loss detox diet, and to complement your healthy and holistic lifestyle. (more…)

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Super Simple Weight Loss Detox Tips

Detox and cleansing is a popular word in the holistic community nowadays, it doesn’t matter what the season. Many of us are into detox: we want to try it, we all have opinions how to do it, we like it or we hate it. It might be a recipe for a drink, or a several […]

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Homemade Beauty Remedies and Tips to Feel and Look Fabulous

Visit NaturalCounselor Blog for more articles, detox weight loss tips, sleep remedies, holistic tips, beauty remedies, healthy recipes and more. Do you sometimes complain you don’t look young and beautiful any more? Ladies, look into the mirror with a smile and you will see a gorgeous young woman again, am I right? Well, maybe we […]

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